#MotoVlog Pergi Kerja Balik Kerja

Aku tengok banyak post #motovlog dalam Youtube, jadi aku pun nak cuba jugak la. Hehehe. Dengan menggunakan Demak Skyline dan kamera Xiaomi Yi, aku pun cuba shoot dari Wangsa Maju ke KLCC.

Ada banyak tempat untuk pasang kamera seperti atas helmet, tepi helmet, tengah dada, handle motor, tapi aku memilih untuk pasang kamera dengan dagu helmet. Nasib baik la ada helmet fullface.

Aku rasa macam lagi sesuai la kot sebab kalau atas helmet nampak macam tinggi sangat. Kalau tepi nanti nampak helmet pulak. Jadi dagu helmet mungkin pilihan yang terbaik. Continue reading #MotoVlog Pergi Kerja Balik Kerja

My Simple Laravel 5 Phonebook App Project with DataTables

It has been a while since my last tutorial. So, I challenged myself to develop a small and simple phonebook or phone directory web application by using Laravel 5.2 framework and DataTables plugin.

If you are not familiar with DataTables, DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. It is a highly flexible tool, based upon the foundations of progressive enhancement, and will add advanced interaction controls to any HTML table.

Laravel 5.3 is going to be released soon if I’m not mistaken and yet I still developing using 5.2 version. That is find because this app is simple and the updating part should be not so complicated (I guess).

I have yet to set up the demo online. But basically the phonebook has features like:  Continue reading My Simple Laravel 5 Phonebook App Project with DataTables

My CodeIgniter 3 Blog Script is Here!

Finally, after months of planning and coding, I managed to complete the blog script using CodeIgniter 3. This is an enhancement from my previous CodeIgniter 2 blog tutorial.

If you are looking for tutorial on how to create a blog using CodeIgniter, please visit the links as follows:

  1. CodeIgniter Blog Tutorial – Part 1
  2. CodeIgniter Blog Tutorial – Part 2
  3. CodeIgniter Blog Tutorial – Part 3

What’s new in CodeIgniter 3?

  • Released as MIT license
  • Drop support for PHP 5.1.6, PHP 5.2.4 is the new minimum requirement
  • Tonnes of update including helpers, database, core library and etc.

You may check here for the full change log. Please proceed to here for demo site. Continue reading My CodeIgniter 3 Blog Script is Here!

My Simple Customer Management based on Laravel 4

It has been quite sometime since my last post here. For your information, I’m into one of the most popular PHP framework nowadays; Laravel since a year ago. From my experience, the Laravel framework has awesome features and very flexible. You can read tonnes of article highlighting the coolness of the framework on the net.

The latest version now is Laravel 4.2 but I heard that Laravel 5 will be released soon (Laravel 5 was released in February 2015).

So this is my story. I was looking for a free PHP script for tracking  customers/clients contacts several days ago. And I found Simple Customer. Based on its website, the system support several features such as: Continue reading My Simple Customer Management based on Laravel 4