How to be a Level 1 Seller on Fiverr


Maintaining 30 active days on is not that hard. Just logged into your Fiverr account will do. You also can install Fiverr app on your smartphone. You can download the app from App Store or Google Play.

Completing at least 10 individual orders can be easily achieved if your Gig is attractive and you managed to closed a few repeat buyers. The important thing I noticed here is to build a good rapport with your client. A happy client will be your repeat buyer.

A happy client also will lead to good ratings. Do ask and explain to your buyer the important of positive rating to you. If you got a negative rating, do offer rework if possible. Please note that you also can rate the buyer as well.

To have a low cancellation rate, make sure you set the expectation right with your potential buyers. Communicate early and state clearly what you are offering. Ask your potential buyers to contact you first before placing any order. Cancellation rate will effect both buyer and seller if I’m not mistaken.

That’s all. If you have any questions or tips to share, leave a comment below. 🙂