How to Run Cmder in PhpStorm 2017 on Windows 10

In this tutorial, I will share a simple way how to run Cmder in PhpStorm 2017 on Windows 10. One may wonder why I want to run Cmder instead of default Windows terminal, right?

Running the default terminal/console on Windows is not really a pleasant experience for programmers. Luckily we have Cmder; a software package created out of pure frustration over the absence of nice console emulators on Windows.

It is based on amazing software, and spiced up with the Monokai color scheme and a custom prompt layout, looking sexy from the start. In short, you may consider Cmder as  one of the best terminal alternatives on Windows.

Read more on Cmder here. Continue reading “How to Run Cmder in PhpStorm 2017 on Windows 10”

How to Fix Git Pull Into Wrong Branch

I work with git almost everyday and sometimes I do git pull into wrong branch unintentionally. I believe every programmer should know how to undo git pull because it is very easy.


I’m working on my own branch (Branch B) which checkout from another branch (Branch A) and sometimes when I do git pull, I mistakenly do git pull from master branch.


You only need to execute 3 simple command after the git pull. Normally your git pull will throw an error about merge failed because of conflicts. The command as follows: Continue reading “How to Fix Git Pull Into Wrong Branch”

How to Fix Mi Pad 2 Miui 8 Google Play Store 963 Error

My wife purchased a new Mi Pad 2 tablet from Lazada and just got it yesterday. Unfortunately, it seems there is a 963 error with the Google Play Store app.

New apps cannot be installed and also existing apps cannot be updated i.e. Gmail. The Mi Pad 2 was behaving exactly like this Youtube video. Error 963 shows whenever new app is being downloaded.

So, how did I fixed it?

First, download an img file here and unpack it. You may want to put this together in the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) folder. Continue reading “How to Fix Mi Pad 2 Miui 8 Google Play Store 963 Error”

Cara Mudah Upgrade RAM dan SSD Laptop Asus K501U

asus k501u

Seperti yang dijanjikan dalam review Asus K501U yang lepas, kat sini aku nak kongsikan bagaimana anda dapat menaik taraf/upgrade laptop Asus K501U ni dengan mudahnya.

Ada beberapa model laptop Asus yang lebih kurang sama macam K501U ni. Jadi boleh la rujuk sikit-sikit. Dalam youtube memang ada yang siap buat tutorial bagai tapi aku rasa nak tulis juga pasal upgrading RAM dan SSD ni. Hehehe.

Kedudukan komponen-komponen dalam laptop ini adalah seperti dibawah: Continue reading “Cara Mudah Upgrade RAM dan SSD Laptop Asus K501U”

How to Root Asus ZenFone 2 Laser Marshmallow

zenfone 2 laser

Today I decided to share a simple trick on how to root an android phone; Asus ZenFone 2 Laser Marshmallow. Despite it’s simplicity, you must perform the steps with care. Otherwise, your phone might bricked.

Remember, please do this on your own risk.

Why should I root my device? A rooted device or smartphone will unlock more feature and access such as you can run a third party application as one of the system apps. Example, you could possibly run a fake GPS app to play Pokemon Go. Continue reading “How to Root Asus ZenFone 2 Laser Marshmallow”