Hamman Infinite A1 ITX Console Case – A Fractal Ridge Alternative

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It’s been quite a while since my last post here. If you are looking for an ITX console case that is cheaper than Fractal Ridge, you probably can consider Hamman Infinite A1.

Fractal Ridge

Fractal Ridge comes with 2x 140mm PWM preinstalled. It also supports a 280mm radiator with GPU configuration.

For some detailed comparison with Hamman Infinite A1, see the table below.

Image by Hamman Chronicle
CaseFractal RidgeHamman Infinite A1
Dimension (mm)374x395x110464x270x70
Motherboardmini ITXmini ITX, micro ATX, ATX
Max CPU Cooler height (mm)7065
Max GPU length (mm)335250
PriceMYR 399
Volume (l)12.69.0
Pricing Table

I think Hamman Infinite A1 is more portable and easy to move because it comes with a handle, compared to Fractal Ridge which didn’t have one.

What say you?