My CodeIgniter 3 Blog Script is Here!

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Finally, after months of planning and coding, I managed to complete the blog script using CodeIgniter 3. This is an enhancement from my previous CodeIgniter 2 blog tutorial.

If you are looking for tutorial on how to create a blog using CodeIgniter, please visit the links as follows:

  1. CodeIgniter Blog Tutorial – Part 1
  2. CodeIgniter Blog Tutorial – Part 2
  3. CodeIgniter Blog Tutorial – Part 3

What’s new in CodeIgniter 3?

  • Released as MIT license
  • Drop support for PHP 5.1.6, PHP 5.2.4 is the new minimum requirement
  • Tonnes of update including helpers, database, core library and etc.

You may check here for the full change log. Please proceed to here for demo site.

Dummy user id for testing:
Password: password

New features

A part from using CodeIgniter 3 as the base, some of the new features are:

1. Responsive design
2. New admin template
3. WYSIWYG editor ready
4. Eloquent ORM integration
5. Support multi level of users

Instead of releasing the code for free, I have decided to charge it for a small amount. The introduction price would be:




Yes, only $9!!! (for limited time only) You may purchase and download the script here. Grab this opportunity fast!

Just let me know what do you think after viewing the demo site. Your constructive feedback are most welcome. 🙂


The promo price is no longer valid. You may refer to the final price which stated in the download page. Thank you for your kind interest.