Training WordPress Percuma Secara Online Siri 1/2022

training wordpress pisyek

Alhamdulillah, Pisyek berjaya menganjurkan satu program training WordPress percuma secara online pada 26 Feb 2022 yang lalu. Dalam bengkel WordPress tersebut, para peserta diajar cara untuk bina sendiri web e-commerce dengan menggunakan WordPress.

Kelas ini memang sangat sesuai untuk beginner sebab Pisyek ajar dari asas sehinggalah cara untuk beli domain, web hosting, dan cara untuk setup e-commerce menggunakan WooCommerce.

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How to Notify Users on Replies to Their WordPress Comments

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Today I will share on how to enable email notification function to wordpress comment’s authors when their comments has a new reply. To my knowledge, this feature is not available on wordpress natively.

So you need to install a third party plugin or write a custom code yourself to add the email notification feature. You may find many plugins available on the wordpress plugin directory such as Send email only on Reply to My Comment and Comment Reply Email Notification.

I only need this simple feature and I could not found any plugins previously. Hence I wrote a custom functions and decided to share with you guys. 🙂 Continue reading “How to Notify Users on Replies to Their WordPress Comments”