Create a room booking system with Laravel and FullCalendar – Part 3

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Hello readers! Long time no see on my Laravel tutorial series. So today I will continue on one of the most viewed tutorial on my blog; Creating a Laravel Room Booking System with FullCalendar.

This is not exactly a tutorial, but more on product review. I managed to take my existing laravel booking system to a whole new level. You can register yourself at the demo or use admin login as follows:

Email: superadmin at pisyek dot com, Pwd: password

Some of the available features are:  Continue reading “Create a room booking system with Laravel and FullCalendar – Part 3”

My Simple Laravel 5 Phonebook App Project with DataTables

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It has been a while since my last tutorial. So, I challenged myself to develop a small and simple phonebook or phone directory web application by using Laravel 5.2 framework and DataTables plugin.

If you are not familiar with DataTables, DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. It is a highly flexible tool, based upon the foundations of progressive enhancement, and will add advanced interaction controls to any HTML table.

Laravel 5.3 is going to be released soon if I’m not mistaken and yet I still developing using 5.2 version. That is find because this app is simple and the updating part should be not so complicated (I guess).

I have yet to set up the demo online. But basically the phonebook has features like:  Continue reading “My Simple Laravel 5 Phonebook App Project with DataTables”

Browser’s Back Button Issue After Logout in Laravel 5

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If you noticed, we still can access to previous page although we have properly logged out in Laravel 5. How to prevent browser’s back button login after we logged out in Laravel 5?

Is this really a security issue?

When the user clicks the back button they’re not actually logged it, its just the browser rendering what it has cached from previous page views. The user won’t be able to navigate or interact with anything that requires them to be logged in because to your application on the server they’re not authenticated. When the user clicks the back button you have no control over that as it doesn’t make a request to the server.

Using the back button the only content they’ll be able to view is that what they have already visited whilst logged in. If they try to access anything new they’ll make a new request to your application, your middleware will trigger and redirect them to the login page.

– Quoted from Stackoverflow.

So it is not really an issue. But there are few ways to fix this.

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Pengalaman pertama menjadi Tutor Laravel 5 online


Aku sekarang freelancing melalui Fiverr. Antara servis yang aku tawarkan adalah web development crash course menggunakan Laravel 5/CodeIgniter 3. Jadi sekarang aku mengajar secara online tentang Laravel 5.

Kursus Laravel 5 yang aku tawarkan ini adalah sesuai untuk level beginner – intermediate. Setakat ni aku pernah mengajar client dari negara-negara sekitar UK.

Mengajar secara online ni ada cabarannya yang tersendiri. Antaranya: Continue reading “Pengalaman pertama menjadi Tutor Laravel 5 online”

My first $5 Laravel Job on Fiverr


If you do not know what Fiverr is, it is an online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed. I registered with this portal back in 2012 to offer my services but nothing serious happened back then.

However, I logged into Fiverr last week (after few years LOL) and published some Gigs. The next thing I know is some people start asking about my services, what can I offer to them.

“Wow, this is it. I’m going to get My First $5 on Fiverr!Continue reading “My first $5 Laravel Job on Fiverr”