Create a room booking system with Laravel and FullCalendar – Part 3

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Hello readers! Long time no see on my Laravel tutorial series. So today I will continue on one of the most viewed tutorial on my blog; Creating a Laravel Room Booking System with FullCalendar.

This is not exactly a tutorial, but more on product review. I managed to take my existing laravel booking system to a whole new level. You can register yourself at the demo or use admin login as follows:

Email: superadmin at pisyek dot com, Pwd: password

Some of the available features are: 

  1. User Registration with email verification
  2. Back-end for administration using AdminLTE template
  3. Admin can add and manage multiple rooms
  4. Admin can manage user i.e. update details and delete users
  5. Users can make multiple reservation or booking on rooms available
  6. Forgot and reset password via email

By having this script, you may use this as your own room booking system, a hotel system, or maybe as a bootstrap for your own project to speed up your development process.

The script will not be distributed for free. So, how much am I selling for this?


$19 ONLY

Yes, it is $19 only! For this soft-launching, you may get $50 discount by using the coupon code below:


This code is only valid for download in October 2016. So act fast. Download here. Constructive feedback are most welcome!

6 Replies to “Create a room booking system with Laravel and FullCalendar – Part 3”

  1. I am thinking to buy it but there is some question
    Does the project come with documentation?
    Does it work on 5.2 or 5.3
    what kind of support you would provide?

    1. Hello Chris

      Thank you for your questions.

      1. For this soft launching, no detail documentation is provided. I do provide installation support for now.

      2. The code is currently based on Laravel 5.3.

    1. Hi Danny

      1. Yes, it is two different room booking system.

      2. is open to public access and no user management or room booking management etc.

      3. The second link is designed for only registered users may access the room booking system. Users may have admin/normal role where admin can manage the system from a nice dashboard.

      1. But i didn’t find admin/normal role function. Does changing role in backend is included?

        1. I did mentioned in the blog post about the admin login and ask the readers to register and try it out as a normal user.

          You can see the different based on user’s login.

          Role management dashboard is not included yet at the moment.

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