Create a room booking system with Laravel and FullCalendar

laravel 8

Today I decided to publish a tutorial on how to create a simple room booking system using Laravel 5 and FullCalendar. As you may know, Laravel is one of the hottest PHP framework nowadays and FullCalendar is a JavaScript event calendar that is looks like Outlook (IMO).

It has been a while since my last tutorial. I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I wrote it. #lol This tutorial is suitable for the beginner as I tried to explain as much as possible in each step. You may look at the demo first or download the script at the end of the tutorial for free.

I’m assuming that you already have setup a local server on your PC either using WAMP, MAMP, LAMP or others which ever suits you. On my PC, I have installed WAMP 2.5 on Win7 64-bit.

The steps to create a simple room booking system with Laravel 5 and FullCalendar as follows:

Step 1: Install Laravel via Composer

This is just literally executing one line of command on your console, and the whole laravel package will be downloaded into your PC. Open up your console, make sure it is already in the www folder or public_directory folder or htdocs folder, and execute the code below:

composer create-project laravel/laravel --prefer-dist

You may refer to the Laravel installation page for more info. Next, move your console into the newly created directory. We will use the console a lot after this.

Step 2: Setting up database config

In Laravel 5.1, you only need to update your config setting in the .env file which is located in the root of the project folder. Just make sure you have created a database and for this tutorial, I will be using MySQL as the database driver.