Make a Virtual Tour with Theta Z1 Dual Fisheye RAW Plugin

theta z1 virtual tour avens residence

This is not a post tutorial on how to make a virtual tour or shoot with Theta Z1 with the Dual Fisheye RAW plugin. I will share my result using the camera with the said plugin.

Theta Z1 now has two versions, the 19Gb, and 51Gb for Theta Z1 2021 version. I have the 19Gb version.

If you are interested to know how to install the Dual Fisheye RAW plugin, you need to first update your camera firmware to the latest version. Then just install the plugin from the plugin store.

My first tour using Theta Z1 and Dual Fisheye RAW plugin

My workflow is as follows:

  • Shoot using Dual Fisheye RAW – HDR DNG 9
  • Color grade and noise reduction in Lightroom Classic
  • Use Ricoh Theta Sticher Plugin
  • Remove tripod in Photoshop
  • Publish the tour on

Need a virtual tour for your business or property? Click to Whatsapp. Due to MCO, I only cover areas within Southville City, Bangi, Dengkil, Cyberjaya, Kota Warisan, Sepang.