Top Pick Authentication Library for CodeIgniter 4

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Myth Auth

Myth Auth is an authentication library that is flexible and powerful for CodeIgniter 4. You need PHP 7.2 at least.

However, this package is not yet ready for a production site.

Notable Myth Auth features:

  • Role based access control (RBAC)
  • Email verification
  • CLI command
  • Debug Toolbar integration
  • Bootstrap 4 ready template

You may download the library from the Myth Auth code repository here.

How to Get Started with Myth Auth

Similar to Ion Auth, Myth Auth can be installed using composer command too.

composer require myth/auth

Update email configuration so that the library can use it to send an email. Then run the migration to create its tables.

php spark migrate -all

So, please try both of the libraries and let me know which one of the authentication library for CodeIgniter 4 suit you the most and why.