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How to view sales by payment method report in WooCommerce? By default, there are reports like sales by date, sales by product, and sales by category report in the WooCommerce report section.

In my opinion, you need a report by payment method if you enable several payment methods in your WooCommerce. This report will help you to reconcile your sales and orders easier.

How to enable sales by payment method report? Lets get started.

Step 1

Download the sales by payment method plugin here.

Step 2

Install the plugin by uploading the zip file into your WordPress site.

Step 3

Click Activate to enable the report in WooCommerce report page.

That’s all. Now you can go to WooCommerce > Reports to check out the sales by payment method report.

As per sales by date, product, and category reports, you also can filter the sales by payment method report using date.

Here some screenshots of the sales by payment method report.

Filter by last 7 days
Filter by selected date range

How to reconcile easily with this plugin

Given the scenario is like this; You have a WooCommerce site and multiple payment gateways are setup so that you can receive money from multiple channels by your customers.

Lets say you have Direct bank transfer, Paypal, SenangPay, ToyyibPay, Billplz and few other payment gateways.

By using this plugin. you can easily create a sales by payment report summary on any date that you want as per screenshots above.

Let me know your thought on this plugin. If you already use other plugins, please share in the comment section below on how do you enable sales by payment method report in WooCommerce.

18 Replies to “WooCommerce Report View Sales by Payment Method”

    1. Hi Qazi, it is a missing feature at the moment. Definitely will add this function in the future release.

    1. Hi Qazi, thank you for your support.

      I have added the export CSV function to the plugin.


  1. Hi,

    We just need to know this sales by product tab appears to which user roles, any user with “manage_woocommerce” will be able to see it or which capability do you limit this tab to limit who can access to it ?

    1. Any user that has access to woocommerce report page can access the sales by payment method report page.

      1. Can we have a filter with a snippet to make it appear only to users with “manage_woocommerce” to access this tab.

        Plus: can we have a promo code for the halloween ?

        1. I don’t think that is possible because if you need to view the report, the “view_woocommerce_reports” capability is required.

          You can enjoy the current discounted price until the end of the month (BLACKFRIDAY sale).

          Act fast!

  2. Paid and site never produced a download link for us. Disputing payment now 🙁

    1. Hi Eric

      You have to complete the payment at PayPal and click return to the website after completing. Your order will be updated automatically this way.

      I’ve updated your order now.

      Please login to your account and check the download page for download link.


  3. Hi!
    I am wondering if I can filter by product and then payment method with this plugin? For example, can I filter for Product A and see the payment method for just Product A?

    1. Hi Jenn

      Thank you for your comment. At the moment there is no filtering option.

      I’ll consider your input and will probably add this as a feature in the future release.

      1. Great to know! Thanks for your response and consideration. I’ll check back for the feature in the future.

  4. Hi Pisyek,
    Is it possible not to pay with credit card? I do not have a Paypal account.
    Thanks !

  5. Hi Pisyek,
    I just take your module for my sister woocommerce.
    I fond aggregated amont on period by payment method on old part woocommerce repport. No things in new Woocommerce Analytics ?
    In fact, she need amont by payment method for each day of month.
    Is there any way to have this view on repport ?

    1. Hi Dorian

      Thank you for your purchase.

      As advertised, the report is in the report section, not in the new WooCommerce Analytics.

      If you need custom/extra feature for the plugin, let me know your requirement, I’ll consider and add it in the future release.

      At the moment, if you need to view the numbers by day, just select the day that you want to view by using the date filter.

      1. We need day by day report for the month … so day by day every month is rather laborious.
        Thanks to add this feature on your dev list 😉

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