How to Get 20GB Free Cloud Storage with pCloud

pCloud Pisyek free 20 GB

You may have use one of these cloud storage services i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box but the space is not really big for a free plan. You can get 20GB free cloud storage (literally) with Pisyek Cloud (#jk) or pCloud.

I consider pCloud as one of the best cloud storage solution as it offers a very comprehensive features (that met my needs). pCloud also support all kind of platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS and even Windows Mobile.

Basically when you registered on pCloud, you will be given 10GB free cloud storage. So, how to get up to 20GB free cloud storage? Do not register first and read this tutorial until the end.

How to register and get 20GB free with pCloud

#1 Register with a referral link

When you register with my referral link, you and me (both) will get an additional of 1GB free on top of the default 10GB storage. So, to register with my referral link, click here.

You can immediately verify your storage in your dashboard after registration. You should have 11GB for now.

#2 Verify you email

After registering your account, an email verification will be send to your email. Just click the button to verify your email. As simple as that.

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