My Simple Customer Management based on Laravel 4

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It has been quite sometime since my last post here. For your information, I’m into one of the most popular PHP framework nowadays; Laravel since a year ago. From my experience, the Laravel framework has awesome features and very flexible. You can read tonnes of article highlighting the coolness of the framework on the net.

The latest version now is Laravel 4.2 but I heard that Laravel 5 will be released soon (Laravel 5 was released in February 2015).

So this is my story. I was looking for a free PHP script for tracking  customers/clients contacts several days ago. And I found Simple Customer. Based on its website, the system support several features such as:

  1. Multi user accounts
  2. Custom fields
  3. Add image
  4. Add notes for each contact
  5. Export to CSV
  6. Import contacts
  7. Tags

And many more. I downloaded the script and installed it locally. The installation was not very smooth because I had to tweak the system here and there and it is written in older version of PHP (mine is PHP 5.5). Lastly, I decided to code the system myself using Laravel 4.2 framework.

I duplicated some of the features available from the Simple Customer script as follows:

  1. Multi user accounts
  2. Add and edit contacts
  3. Add notes for each contact

You may try the demo here: My Simple Customer Management (Email:, Pwd: demoadmin). You can also download the code for free. If you have queries, please comment thru the form below.

I’m planning to complete the system if anyone of you interested (FOC? nah :P).

P/s: This entry was written and published in October 2014.