Top 3 Mobile App Developers in Malaysia

If you are looking for a mobile app developer to develop your Android or iOS app, below is the top 3 mobile app developers based on Google search engine recently.

Terato Tech

I worked as an intern at this company back in 2010 for 8 months. To date, Terato Tech has developed many iOS and Android apps such as Cimb Clicks mobile app, ATM locator Malaysia, Cimb Octo Explorer and many more.

Other than  these apps, Terato Tech also developed games such Qalvinius, Adam Dream, Amok, and Darkness Fallen. If you are interested to work with the team, just check out their  career page apply if there is opening which suits you.

Agmo Studio

Founded since 2010, Agmo Studio already developed and published more than 70 mobile applications in iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile platform, serving enterprise customers from different industry including telco, real estate, medical, retail, event management, advertising, creative content industry, education and more.

M3 Online

Experienced in developing application for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and Blackberry. You may get free consultation with zero obligation as they mentioned in their website, the company provide high class designs with vast visualization. Not to mentioned that they also focus on customer satisfaction and fast services. Click here for M3 Online website.

If you are looking for freelancers, I’m pretty sure there are lot easier to be found. You may look into one of the famous microsite job portals such as Fiverr.